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Why Perform Home Inspections?

It's quite simple. A house is the single largest investment any individual may ever make. Nowadays, home buyers are coming to understand the wisdom of through home inspection prior to make any commitment to buy the property. An home inspection performed by the registered home inspector have proved to be a positive and educational experience for the home buyers. We at Ontario Inspections, are registered company and proud members with CanNACHI (Canadian Association of Certified Home Inspector) and with IAC2 ( International Association of Indoor Air Quality Consultants).

The sole purpose of conducting home inspection is to determine the condition of a property at the time of a purchase in order to disclose the following.

  • Serious deficiencies in property
  • Replacement and repair requirements required
  • Age and life expectancy of major components
  • Maintenance and safety information

We at Ontario Inspections, deliver the peace of mind to our clients that comes from moving into a new home confidently that the home is in good shape or already knowing what potential problems may await for you. This is the result we provide to our clients by performing home nspection. Once we uncovers major problems before your deal closes, then you will have saved yourself a lot of worry and expense, perhaps for years to come. In short, We at Ontario Inspections, can be considered your best, most impartial friend – someone who you can count on to tell you the truth.

When should you have a Home Inspection performed?

Before purchasing a new or pre-owned home:
  • To ensure that you will be aware of every part of the house
  • To be sure that the financial institution will agree on financing
  • To be sure that the insurance company will insure the property
Before putting your home on the market:
  • To reduce the risk chances of a cancellation or price reduction
  • To ensure a quick and stress free sale
  • Minimize the chance of prospective buyers backing out because they will be aware of the steps needed to reduce repair costs

Where are home inspections carried out?

In resale or previously owned homes

I will inspect the property before you purchase or before you put your home on the market. Following the inspection, I will provide you with a detailed written report on the same day, so that you can make an informed decision.

In new homes

If you are purchasing a new home, I will inspect the property according to the TARION (New Ontario Warranty Program). This provides:

  • PDI before delivery and follow up within the first 30 days
  • A One Year warranty inspection
  • A Two Year warranty inspection
  • A Seven Year warranty inspection.

Why perform Mold Inspection & Air Quality Testing?

Molds are the microscopic fungi, the very tiny members of the same family that includes mushrooms and yeasts. They can grow and reproduce rapidly anywhere and everywhere. Molds can be useful - penicillin comes from one type of mold. Other molds help humans make some foods and beverages. Mold can also be harmful. It can damage and even ruin materials, such as paper, cardboard and fabrics.

Mold can affect your and your family's health. Health experts say that molds can cause allergic reactions and illnesses, depending on the type of mold, the amount and degree of exposure and the health condition of a home's occupants. Pregnant women, infants, the elderly and people with a respiratory disease or a weakened immune system, are at risk when exposed to mold.

If you suspect there is mold in your home that is causing health problems, you may want us at Ontario Inspections help you. You do not want to renovate until you have verified the problem and the causes. The first thing that comes to people's minds when they suspect mold is to have the air of the house tested. This involves collecting an air sample and sending the sample to a laboratory for analysis.